how to hack a facebook account easily 2020? (tutorial just for educational purpose)

before explaining the zodavan software i would like to tell you that i am not responsible for hacking facebook accounts and this tutorial is only for educational purpose no more

Are sites that pretend to hack a facebook account without software and from the id real?

did you find an effective method to hack a facebook account easily yes I specify on the keyword easily we can do it but it requires an intervention with your victim unfortunately, but before explaining our method I would like to tell you a very important information because it's the cause that led me to write this article, in short there are tons of sites that claim to hack a facebook account without software and only from the profile id so I tell you right now all, these sites are scammers who are only looking to make money and Do you believe that the world's largest network is vulnerable to a point that you can hack into by just entering the email or profile id? please be careful

hack a facebook account with advanced fishing?

the method is simple and it's called advanced fishing it is the fact of sending a page that looks like 100% of the facebook login page to your victim, the victim will connect believing that it is the facebook page and you will receive the password and email captured, after that he will be redirected to his real account as if nothing happened the utility of this method is to hack the victim's facebook account without changing the original password we will see this in practical part

how to hack a facebook account like a hacker?

pirater un compte  facebook zodavan I said hacker for an interesting reason a hacker must hack anonymously because the hacking of a facebook account is out of law you must not be recognized so that's why we will use the zodavan software to do that it is a software that does everything for you no need to create a fishing page as you install it, it will do it for you and it hides you , you will hack a facebook account anonymously

how to configure zodavan and hack any account facebook easily ?

download zodavan you must first install a wampserver it is important for the operation of the zodavan follow the order of each element:
1) - install wampserver
2) - click on connect
3) - create a link in noip
4) - click on the remote button wan search the following URL C: \ wamp \ bin \ apache \ apache2.4.9 \ conf and choose the file conf.httpd click open
. 5) -clicker on the red button of the wampserver
as it shows the picture below: config zodavan now you only go to click on listen and use the address you created at noip, you can use whatsapp to hack many facebook accounts but be careful this article is only for educational purposes no more hack a facebook account for free